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Week 5 Schedule/Pink Out

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Written by admin    Tuesday, 23 September 2014 15:16

This Sunday (9/28) is the TVFFL "Pink-Out" Day for Cancer Awareness. The league has been involved in the Claremont Relay for Life fundraiser for the past two years, and we have raised over $1,250 for the American Cancer Society. Information on the event will be available this Sunday (speak to Zack Thomas of the Show). We will award prizes to the two players geared up in the most pink (shirt/jersey excluded).


Game Scores:

8AM: Rampage 28, Grey 0
9AM: Cheek Beaters 26, Outlaws 8
10AM: The Show 72, Lightning 0
11AM: Outlaws 28, Hawks 0
12PM: Spfld Moose 25, Lightning 0
1PM: TV Nightmare 6, Twisted 0


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